The Vegan Kind Monthly Box #17

I've been getting the vegan kind box for about 4 months after giving in to the temptation of Tattooed Tea Lady's blog post. The idea grasped me from the start but was weary to buy any of the monthly boxes that were trending at the time. There was multiple of times that I went to sign up and second guessed myself but I’m really wishing I signed up from the start.

Not only are the boxes full of goodies that I can’t wait to tuck into but they're cruelty free and vegan. I've have got to confess that I’m not actually vegan but with troubles with my stomach made milk taste off and make me poorly so I looked more into vegan cooking and baking. I found out about how wonderful the vegan lifestyle was and the truths behind milk and egg production. I've been vegetarian all my life so I’m used to not being the ‘norm’ so currently I would class myself as a transitioning vegan even though everyone is not 100% behind me.

Every month The Vegan Kind donate 10p from every box to charity/campaign and this months was for The Trusty Paws Clinic which offer free treatment, food and warmth for homeless dogs in Glasgow.

Each month gets a recipe card too and on your 6 month you get a little folder to put them in. The thing I like most is not the actual recipes but finding more vegan blogs to follow. Vegan Lass is this month recipe creator of the tofu pad thai which I’m looking forward to making.

First thing in the box is a Rebel kitchen Chai Mylk,  I've never had anything chai before so on first taste I’m not too sure about it. There has been another flavor in a previous box which was chocolate and orange and I loved that flavor.

Update: i tried this once it had been in the fridge multiple times, i really didn't like it, my family and boyfriend also tried it and disliked this taste so i guess i'm not going to join in on the chai trend.

Next up is the Ananda Round Up. Which I got quite excited about. I've only had a proper wagon wheel in my life due to me being little and assuming it was vegetarian, of course it wasn't so I never had another one. I've been following Amanda’s Instagram for a few months now wishing I could try one and now I can. Luckily my 6 weeks being gluten free (by doctors orders) has ended so I can actually eat this as it has wheat flour in. I Would try it now so I could write a review straight away but I want to not scoff my face with all these goodies and actually enjoy them, expect a updated review when I've tried them though!

Update: These are the nicest thing i have eaten in ages, i want 100!

I believe this crisps have been featured in a box before but one before I got them so this is my first try. I have tried ordinary banana chips before so I wonder how these will compare. Again I will review when I've actually tried them. Emily Fruit Crisp Crunchy Banana.

I’ve had Double chocolate biscuits off this brand in a previous box which I really enjoyed so I’m sure these savoury biscuits will impress like the others did.

Last up we usually get an inedible item and this time we got a bag. I like the bag, its 100% cotton and from the UK but if I was prancing around with this on my shoulder ill feel a bit of a fraud. For one I can’t prance but secondly I don’t feel as though I could were this as I’m not actually vegan. I know I’m probably being silly and shouldn't let other people judge but promoting something I don’t actually do seems a bit wrong. Hopefully I will be able to sum up the courage and actually become a fully-fledged vegan soon enough, even though the box isn't exclusively for vegans and is open to anyone to try out.

The total of the box comes to £11.96 so only saving £1.96 this month so that’s a little shame but nevertheless I love coming home from university and finding one sitting on the table waiting for me.

Thanks for reading,

Devon x

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