White Rabbit Skincare |Review

I’ve actually came across White Rabit Skincare before, it must have been off someone else’s blog but I was really impressed by the shops ethic’s, all natural, all vegan and all homemade.

To my surprise there is a night cream which donates £1 from every sell to M.E association called 'All About M.E Night Cream' . Very appropriate as I have M.E.

I received the toning eye cream in March’s Vegan Kind box which unfortunately was part of a bad batch, after emailing them I got a swift response saying they will send out another one. It arrived not long after and I got a free lip balm! 

I’m so glad they put it in because I love it, it is an oily balm but solid in the tin but the heat on my finger turns it in to an oil. Being an oil it means the balm feels super moisturising on your lips but not thick ad sticky. It’s made from mostly coconut nut oil which it what gives its consistency, but which extras on sweet almond oil, olive wax and vitamin E. The eye cream is just as good, a creamy thick consistency which actually moisturises without being heavy.
I’m defiantly going to be purchasing of this etsy shop again.

Devon x

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