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Fox Café

My doctor recently put me on the FODMAP diet which becomes a little difficult when eating out. I popped into Nottingham with my mum and came across Fox Café. (FODMAP excludes any food that can ferment or pull water into the digestive tract.) I will do a more in depth post about that soon.
The fox café was under another name and recently rebranded itself and came back with a new calm look, trendy and industrial look. They have little trinkets, old signs and plants scattered around, what in my opinion looks awesome and my kind of place.

They have an array of salads, sandwiches, paninis, ciabatta and bagels that can be veganised or made gluten free. There was boards that would be filled with lots of thing dependent on which one you want (There is even a vegan board!).
I had a normal salad without cherry tomatoes, onion and yellow or orange peppers to make it FODMAP friendly, I explained that the doctor has put me on this diet and I can’t eat certain things and they was so lovely and accepted my diet without any qualms. You also had a choice of two topping, I chose guacamole (oh my this was the best guac I have ever eaten!!). 

A vegan couple came in while my mum and I were eating and here was no problem as there was plenty of vegan options. There was lots of drinks to choose from including Teapig and two big fridges full of cold drinks. Plus there was a counter full of cakes and brownies.  None were vegan but they had a gluten free option. I understand them not doing a vegan cake and definitely not a gluten free vegan cake as they probably wouldn’t sell very many but maybe a vegan option could be on the cards for them?

I highly rate my time at Fox café and is definitely going to become a staple of mine just because they're so accommodating to any dietary requirements. It such a welcoming place and feels like a lovely space to be to just relax and enjoy some good food away from really fast paced life.

Devon x

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