A Vegan Ferrero Rocher??!

I heard on the interwebs that this chocolate tasted just like Ferrero Rocher, obviously had to try it and see if it actually was on par with the real thing.

I scavenged around a few Tesco’s world food sections and when I came across it I may of got a bit over excited and wanted to buy the whole box...

I’ve got to admit, initially I was disappointed. When I first tried them I expected it to taste exactly the same so when it didn’t I was disappointedI’ve eaten a few more (just to make sure) and I’ve grown to love them. Now I fully understand why people claim them to be the vegan Ferrero Rocher as they are very similar. I’m definitely going to stock up when I next go because they’re perfect with a cuppa.

I would call it a hazelnut truffle bar, the middle is dark chocolate with little hazelnut bits, surrounded by a wafer that is covered in dark chocolate. Now you've got to remember that this isn't meant to be an imitation (I don't think so anyway) but it does a good job unintentionally being like ferrero Rocher plus its vegan and a lot cheaper, win win in my opinion.

So is this a 'dupe' (Lets pretend it works for food as well as makeup) for the Ferrero Rocher? In my opinion it is, it's not the same but is very similar and will definitely be in my house around christmas.

If you've been able to get your hands on some, what do you think?

Devon x

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