Wish Lists Are For Life Not Just For Christmas.

Last minute christmas shoppers raise your hands (holds hand up).

Usually I'm the type of person who tells people they don't want anything for christmas and would much prefer for people to donate to charity. I was asked what I actually wanted for christmas aside from donating so I did a bit of thinking and this is what I've come up with.

1. Lush
Who doesn't want Vegan Lush stuff?!

2.  B.
The brand B. is a skincare and makeup brand produced by Superdrug and everything is cruelty free and vegan. I'd be happy with trying any of their products.
 From the skincare section I'd like to try the B. Revealed Glycolic Cleanser as WifeLife mentioned it in her monthly favourites and I was intrigued by it. I used a glycolic mask yesterday from superdrugs star range and it didn't burn my face off, so I'm open to try more products with glycolic acid in.
From the makeup side is the B. Prepared Makeup Primer. I've only used one primer before and it isn't really the best so now i'm finally running out I would like to try this one.

3. Real Techniques
Ive already got one of these Miracle Complexion Sponge's but my cat took a fancy to it, so a new one would be better.

4. All The Chocolate...
There's not many people who don't like chocolate, I sure do. Who needs to miss out on amazing chocolate just cos your vegan. There is loads of chocolate out there, some are absolutely disguising but there are some that you can't put down and before you realise you've eaten the whole lot. My favourite so far has got to be Vego Hazelnut Chocolate, it has whole hazelnuts in and is so creamy and melty.
Booja Booja Chocolate Truffles is one that I haven't tried yet but I keep on hearing how good it is.
Next chocolate is iChoc, I had the choco cookie in my last The Vegan Kind box and it was soooo good, so I'd like more please and so I can share a little, tiny bit of it as I never got the change to before.

5. Tapered Joggers
Joggers are a warmer version of leggings and leggings are the best. The joggers in the photo are from ASOS but Primark ones will be just as good.

6. Yankee Candles
Recently I found out that most Yankee Candles are vegan (apart from the tapered ones). They're not the best ones out there in my opinion but they're readily available from most supermarkets and I definitely wouldn't turn them away.

7. Harper Bizarre Candles
Now these are my favorite candles, I got introduced to this brand from a The Vegan Kind box, it fills the room with an amazing aroma. They have the best scents from cake smells like jaffa cake and bakewell tart to fresh to floral and loads more. They're made with sustainable ingredients and they also donate money to charity on every candle sold. Ive only had two candles but once I've used all the crappy ones up, I'm definitely going to buy new ones from here.

8.Vegan Life Magazine
I get really excited when a new magazine is out and often my boyfriend carts me around different shops to try and find it (as most shops don't stock the new ones for a few days). As much I enjoy searching for it and going to new shops around my city, it would be nice for it to land straight on my doorstep all without getting out of my pjs.

9. Sims 4, Get Together Expansion.
The Get Together expansion opens up a whole new part of the sims. A new world, new build/buy items as well as loads of new interactions to do with clubs, friendships and new skills. This pack looks amazing from what I've seen on Youtube and I would love to explore the pack that seems to keeps on giving.

10. Friends Not Food T-Shirt
Return Into Simplicity has got to be one of my favourite youtube channels. Emily was one of the youtubers that showed me how easy veganism is and really inspired me. She's recently moved in with her boyfriend and they wanted a refresh so created Return Into Simplicity. Emily created  and etsy shop called Vegan Veins which stocks t-shirts in multiple designs as well as pins and more. Their etsy is evolving all the time and this brings new items to the shop like food boxes ect. It would be amazing to support their business as they're an amazing people and create positivity in the vegan community.


To me christmas is all about family and creating happy memories.

If you are fortunate to think about donating money/food/toys to charity to help the less fortunate please do. Even if your christmas doesn't go to plan, you'll know you made someone smile this christmas thanks to you.

Devon x


  1. I love the Real Technique beauty blenders, I make mine damp and apply my foundation with it and it goes on amazingly! I also never knew Yankee candles were vegan which is nice, makes buying for one of my closest friends a little bit easier now haha x

    Mollie Victoria Beauty | Blog

    1. I love the beauty blenders, recently I've been applying my foundation and concealer with a brush and finishing it off with the RT beauty blender. It makes my skin look so much more glowing and thank you for your comment x :)