2015 Skincare Favourites| Cruelty Free| Vegan

Its not very often that I get to find a product that I love. Most of the products that get 'hyped' up within the youtube and blogging community I would buy them and I find they're absolute crap. Since going cruelty free I don't really pay attention to the 'in' products. One reason being most of the brands are notorious for animal testing and why spread products on my face that have been tested when there is so many better brands that don't.

Pai Rosehip Serum, This is one of my skin saviours, I put it on before bed and it helps with reducing my scars and makes me look more awake and who doesn't want to look more awake cos I definitely do. I first heard about this produce from Katelavie formally Ghostparties who had written some amazing reviews. It gives me a healthy glow and feels like it plumps my skin up.

Hurraw Lip Balm, I received this in one of the boxes from my The Vegan Kind subscription. At the time I had really bad cracked lips at the corners which wouldn't heal. I had tried all of my other lipbalms that I've been trying to use up and they weren't doing anything but low and behold this little thing came at the right time. It healed my lips, smells amazing and I'd love to get some other flavours.

Superdrug Glycolic Peel Overnight Mask, I'd bought an overnight Glycolic peel mask by Superdrug months ago but I'd forgot I even bought in till the end of December. The real reason being that I was to scared to use it as I didnt no how my skin would react. I decided to use it during the day so I could was it off  if it did happen. It was completely fine and made my skin look amazing. It made my skin look new, It helped with my scaring, blackheads, the appearance of my pores, dry areas and made my skin really soft. It made a percent base to apply makeup, made me look fresh faced  and most of all made me not look as ill and tired.

B. revealed Glycolic Peel Face Wash, This goes in hand with the Glycolic Overnight Mask, its basically does the same thing but you can use it daily/every other day. Its can be washed of straight away or left on for a few minutes. The overnight mask would give you more drastic/recognisable results but using the face wash would help in between Masks.

Human + Kind Hand and Foot Cream, This is another product I received thought my The Vegan Kind subscription and its got to be one of my favorite hand creams along with the Dr. Organics Olive Oil Hand cream. These are really thick and balm like. A little goes a long way and it quickly absorbs and makes your skin feel amazing.

S.W Basics Makeup Remover, I've had this makeup remover for the past year or so and its only just running out. I use a 1/2 to 1 lid full of this and it just melts off the makeup with seconds and felt like a really nice facial. With previous makeup removers I found that they didnt remove all my makeup properly (although it looked like it) and would find it irritate my skin/eyelashes. 

Have you got any skincare favorites that I shouldn't miss out on?

Devon x

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