New Vegan Friendly Board Game Cafe In Nottingham, The Dice Cup.

The Dice Cup was originally started as a kickstarter campaign with the aim to host all types of gaming events, as well as having the opportunity to going in, learn and play casually or competitively. There are over 500 games you can choose from, you can join in with the special hosted events or play casually with friends. Nottingham is fastly becoming a gaming capital with several places hosting game nights including the amazing Annie's Burger Shack. The dice cup was set up by three guys with a deep seated love for boardgames. They have a wealth of knowledge about the games they offer and welcome people to try new games by sharing their knowledge. The owners I have met have been the friendliest and most welcoming people. I'm usually really anxious when it comes to trying out new places but as soon as I went in I felt at ease. The board games weren't the main reason we went in though.... 


The Dice Cup was initially intended to just be a board game shop and had hoped to expand with a cafe as the funds became available, but luckily (I assume) they had enough money to set up the little cafe. It seems they have had help from other independent business around Nottingham such as 200 Degrees coffee. The Dice Cup offer a 3 cheese violife toastie and other snacks which sound amazing, but best of all the cakes from The Vegan Cakery. They had a large choice of different cakes from cream horns, cupcakes, apple turnovers, bakewell tarts, gateau, battenberg and doughnuts. The full list of 28 different cakes can be found on The Vegan Cakery fb page. The flavour options are the best thing though, none of the usual vanilla flavours.

I finally chose to have the bakewell tart while Luke, my boyfriend, chose to have the Rose & Pistachio cake (Anybody else get really giddy when there's vegan options?). Pre vegan I loved bakewell tarts so much, I was meaning to make my own but I never actually did. Having it again was really amazing. Luke loves pistachios, so as soon as they mentioned this cake we both knew what he was choosing . We both tried bits of each other's cakes and we both loved them. The rose and pistachio tasted amazing too, We didnt know what to expect from the rose flavour but it reminded us of turkish delight . Both cakes were very light and 'moist' and tasted better than any vegan cake I've had before. If people didnt know the cakes were vegan, I dont think they would be able to tell the difference.

To go along with the cakes they had loads of drinks available along with the 200 degrees coffee. I chose to have a good old cuppa with soya milk. I've got to admit that that the tea and cake was one of my favorite ones I've ever had, I think just the opportunity of being able to have vegan food and drinks made it even more special. It made me happy :).


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