The Vegan Kind #27 |Review

I love it when it's that time of the month when a new The Vegan Kind box comes, it's like a perfect mystery gift. I can't hide that fact that I 'sampled' all of the food as soon as it opened and took pictures, apart from the Vego bar that I accidentally demolished completely.  Squirrel Sisters Brownie packaging is ridiculously cute, especially the inside tray. The brownie itself tasted good but my homemade ones are similar so there is no reason to buy them myself. Vego is one of my favourite chocolate, I'm constantly buying replacements from a local health food shop. Soffles Rosemary and Thyme Pita Chips tasted nice, very aromatic and crunchy. I've seen a few companies do pita chips and Ive tried a few different flavours but all of them have left my with a 'meh' attitude. 1. I shouldn't eat gluten and 2. My TMJ (jaw) hates crunchy things. Snact. fruit jerky made me smile, it reminds me of when I was a kid when I would get fruit leather as a treat from H&B so I loved the fruit jerky. Dr. Organic Virgin Olive Oil Hand & Nail Cream has become one of my favorite hand cream and sometimes use it on my face as its really thick and moisturising. Provamel Rice- Coconut Choco was the product that i was least interested in as I dont really like coconut products but it was good, coconuty but good.

There is my review of The Vegan Kind #27, I do love this box and I'm going to tuck into #27!

Devon x

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