Veganism & Medicine, Can I Still Call Myself Vegan?

I've seen multiple times people arguing on whether you should still call yourself vegan if you're on medication, most people say it's completely fine, that veganism is about causing less harm as possible and that medication is something you can't just go and buy a vegan/cruelty free alternative. I've also seen people refusing to take medication, people become so blindsided by animal welfare and 'toxins' in medication that they'd prefer not to take them and ask for 'natural' alternatives when they have conditions that can cause a lot of harm without proper medication. Then there are a few who point blank argue till the cows come home that you can not be vegan if you're on medication, they take offence that you actually call yourself vegan, again blindsighted by animal welfare and resuse to actually take a step back and think about it. Do you think people would take medication for the hell of it? This isn't really a message to just vegans really. Do you think people would prefer to be on medications? Do you think people with chronic illness use it as an excuse for not participating in society? I could go on but i'll go on forever.
  Hearing that someone's illnesses were miraculously cured by a vegan diet or yoga or juicing is amazing. I'm happy that they now have some relief from illness whether they're cured or have symptoms dampen but sometimes it
doesn't matter what conditions or problems you have a vegan diet
won't completely heal you. Yes there are conditions out there that are completely diet related but some of us are born with illnesses, illnesses that develop over times or illnesses that you wake up with one day that no raw or juicing diet is going to fix.

I love the people that genuinely want to help and accept that medications are needed and that diet isn't going to fix everything. The ones that offer a hand out and share what has helped them. The complete opposite there are people that that straight up tell you that you're not helping yourself by 'Not trying hard enough' 'Chemicals are bad ( but water is a chemical!)' 'Medicine is why i'm ill' all because they made a miraculous recovery and then continue to blame you for doing this to yourself.

If I could juice myself out of a condition dont you think everyone would have done it? It would be amazing to 'clean eat' and cure yourself though. I've got to admit though it can be super frustrating when people with illnesses/conditions that are completely diet related refuse to admit that they are the main cause, even when they are making irreversible damage but no amount of pressuring them is going to do anything.

Has veganism helped me? Yes, so much. Is it going to cure me? No

There is an overwhelming amount of people that are so kind and mindful of peoples lives and limitations, that encourage and support anyone that needs it. The vegan community is the most positive and supportive group which out sways the minority of vegan police.  
 It's not very often you come across the vegan police who argue you can't be Vegan while taking medication that belittle us because we're 'obviously not trying hard enough'. There's also people who dont think you can be vegan if you eat junk food, if you eat chemicals and loads of other ridiculous things but there are aways people who take things to the extreme but you just dont listen to them.

Being vegan for me is living the most peaceful and simple life without hurting others whether it's humans, animals or the planet. Now I know that sounds like some hippy sh*t but I do really really love being vegan, it's has helped me so much, mentally and physically and I would recommend anyone to look into it. I feel so much lighter, it has helped my energy levels, my pain has reduced dramatically reduced. My depression has lifted and I feel so much more conscious of everything around me.
I try (minus all of the vegan chocolate and treats) and give it my body the best chance because why the hell not? 

What I need to remember is that if I Eat Good, I will Feel Good.

Some illnesses are not going to cured by a vegan lifestyle.  I need medication to survive, I need medication to try and live a more 'normal' life, I need medication to try get more value out of life. Medication doesn't make me 'normal' but makes everything a bit more bearable.
Veganism is never going to make me have a miraculous recovery and there is nothing I can do to have one. Others can be cured by just a vegan lifestyle but I still need medication to survive. 

I'm a vegan on medication and I think that's completely fine. 

What's your thoughts?

Devon x

My Chronic Illnesses

  *Please understand that these things are not due to veganism alone, this is my current situation and has taken me years for me to progress this far. Veganism has opened many doors for me and has help me feel at peace and shifted my focus to the present along with the help of mindfulness. This as well as time are helping me try to accept my disabilities, limitations as well as discover my strengths*.


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