The Vegan Kind #30 |Review

First things first, aaahhh there is the new Vego Chocolate!!! I saw that they'd released a new praline but never expected to try it so soon and it lives up to all my expectations. If you love vego then you're going to love these and I suspect the bag isn't going to last very long. I know I've broken all the blogging 'rules' with the image but I can't stop thinking how pretty it looks like it is, so sorry if it offends your eyes, ha.

The Vegan Kind donate 10p per box to a different charity or campaign and this months is to Teen VGN. This is a resource I would of loved as a teenager, connecting teens through social media and have created the first ever vegan summer camp. Super jealous I'm too old but it's really good that this resource is around.

I've had the Hummus Chips in a previous box but this is a new flavour that I hadn't tried yet. I have issues with my stomach and last time I ate these my stomach really didnt agree and the same happened with these. They tasted good but my opinion on hummus crisps is tainted as my stomach is an knob and yes I talk about my stomach in 3rd person haha!

The Tamari Roasted Soya and the Smoothie Bites weren't my kind of thing. The roasted Soya Beans tasted a bit stale to me and I wasn't really in to the taste. The smoothie bits were strange, they tasted good and reminded me of something an astronaut would eat as they're freeze dried. They would be a great snack for kids which I'm guessing is their target audience but if I want something that tastes like fruit I'd just eat the fruit. I'm glad I got to try these though, they're not something I would of picked up for myself. 

I don't know how a cleaner with just three ingredients can clean so good! Due to the lemon it can cut through grease, it makes everything so so shiny and 
smell citrusy and fresh. I was wanting to try out some more natural cleaning products and I believe Humble Stuff are the only UK made cleaning products and scotland to be exact. Why are all the best things in Scotland? Theres the TVK, White Rabbit Skincare, Humble stuff and probably ones I cant think of right now. I've always loved making my own cleaning products out of bicarb, vinegar and lemon but I feel with these it'll be better to get the in 'bulk'(in a bottle) and will have the right balance of the ingredients instead of stinking out my kitchen with vinegar.

The last thing in the box is this microwave brownie tub, I guess this will be good for people who dont have the ingredients in or have stated that their relationship with cooking is no more but I'm the opposite. Im regularly making mug cakes in allsorts of different flavours so I definitely wouldn't buy it for myself but I've got to say, it was really nice.

The next TVK box has just arrived this morning and it's looking like a really good one, cant wait to try it all. Anything you have tried or would love to try out of this box? Let me know down in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Devon x


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