The Vegan Kind #31| Review

I love anything salt and vinegar flavoured, the stronger the better and most have the pesky milk powder in them for no bloody reason. The popchips were the first thing to sample and by sample I mean devour. They were bold in flavour but not blow your head off so I think anyone could enjoy them, they're is nothing worse than crisps with hardly any flavour, it's a waste of potato really. If I fancied an occasional packet of crisps these would do nicely.

It's always nice to see another brand that makes jelly sweets other than my favorite goody good stuff.  I had high hopes for Tropic Wonder, as they only use natural flavours and colours. The thing with them is they taste like when you put to much cordial in your water to make squash, it's just way too strong and that's what I thought of when I tried these. I have my squash quite weak so I thought it was just me but my boyfriend (who has his squash strong) thought the same. I would love these if they were toned down a bit, the texture was nice and they looked pretty as they're shaped into what fruit the flavour is.

I used the Friendly Soap Facial Cleansing bar when I stayed at my boyfriends at the weekend. I'm not saying I got it in my eyes  but dont get it in your eyes as it will sting so much but again I didnt do it, just thought I'd say. The cleanser felt a bit stripping, like I was using any old hand soap but it left my skin soft and not tighten like some cleansers do. This would be handy for traveling especially if you're only using carry on only but there is probably so many others which would do a better job for me.

The conscious chocolate was one of those things that a saw and wasn't really bothered about, all because Ive had raw chocolate before and it was absolutely disgusting. I tried this though and it's so so nice! More like a chocolate fudge and super creamy. Ive never really been fussed about mint chocolate but recently it's become one of my favourites, especially the fry's mint cream chocolate. I've just been diagnosed with gastroparesis and mint helps my stomach so I've been eating and drinking so many minty things, currently sipping on iced mint tea as I decided eating mint chocolate every day wasn't the best thing ha! The raw mint chocolate was really nice and I would definitely buy it again.

I gave the Creative Nature Peanut pea protein bar to my boyfriend and he didnt think much to it, which is a shame because I like creative nature as a brand. It is difficult to find bars that are comparable to ones that you've tried already and really like. Like Cliff bars, nakd bars and especially homemade bars.

The thing I was most intrigued about was the birch water. From a quick look birch water is harvested similarly to maple syrup and they drill a tap into the tree. The birch water can only be harvested from mature trees of 30+ years and only when the sap begins to rise as the temperature warms up, this means it has a very short window in which it can be harvested. When I first read about it, I wondered how sustainable birch water is as it didnt really sound that good. I compared the methods to maple syrup and it is harvested/produced exactly the same, surely if it wasn't sustainable then people wouldn't support the maple syrup trade? On to the actual product, I thought the taste was really nice and refreshing, quite tarte like cranberries and would be amazing really cold with ice on a hot day. I would like to try plan birch water as this one had extra fruit flavours and I reckon it would be really nice and sweet. I'm going to guess that I wouldn't be able to buy this from any old high street shop, dont know why, just a hunch.

I do love getting a box through every month full of things that I would never of even thought of picking up or have never seen/heard of a product. Great way of finding new brands and independent shops to support. In this box my favourite thing has got to be the Conscious Raw Mint Chocolate and I'm definitely going to buy some more.

What thing would you most like to try?

Devon x 

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