The Vegan Kind #37| Review

Looks like there is going two posts on The Vegan Kind box in a row but never mind that. This is this months offering of The Vegan Kind box is there 3rd year anniversary and like every time I open it up I get really giddy. On to the products...

First up is the Lenny and Larry's cookie, I had the snickerdoodle and the double chocolate one before which I really liked. I was so excited to try, maybe to excited but you know what? I really didnt like it. The L&L cookies are quite dry and soft which is a downside anyway but its flavour was ridiculously artificial tasting, like nasty fake vanilla. I wish I enjoyed it and I might of done if I tried it on a different day as gastroparesis makes my tastebuds weird and I could love something one day and hate it the next so who knows.  

Next up were the flapjacks from Foods of Athenry, I expected lovely buttery flapjacks and they were everything but better with an unexpected ginger kick. I've loved everything I've ever got from this company and would eat there products many times over.

I tied the My Organics chocolate spread, with a spoon.. as you're meant to..*shifty eyes*. Nothings going to beat Natures Store Hazelnut and Cocoa spread, perfect replacement for Nutella but this one was really powdery and dried my mouth out. It reminded me of chocolate icing, the flavour anyway but it wasn't smooth and was quite chalky. I dont think anything will beat the Natures Store Hazelnut spread though and you can easily pick it up at some/most Tesco's unlike other ones.

I tried were the Cheeky Monkey Peanut Butter Puffs, I've seen that they divided the people who received them, they either loved or hated them so you could say a bit like marmite. Luke (my boyfriend) hated them as did my mum. I expect them to be sweet because of the peanut butter but savory because that's what you're used to but they're savory peanut butter so a bit confusing at first but they're good. They dry your mouth out a bit but they're an unusual treat. From the fact sheet its says they're imported from an Israeli entrepreneur so I'm guessing they would be hard to come by again. It also says that they're packed full of protein too so that's a added bonus.

I love pop chips, I usually get the salted ones, which are really salty, perfect for helping my PoTs like symptoms. What I love is that they've got simple ingredients, they're baked so not greasy but not dry either. The salt and vinegar flavour was not as punch in your face with flavor as the salted ones but they still tasted great.

Last up is the FRUU Lip Balm, I love my Hurraw Lip Balms so it was nice to try another vegan lip balm, initially it was sort of hard but once warmed up on your lips it leave a thick creamy layer which is really nice and nourishing. Only issue is if you accidentally taste a bit it doesn't taste that good, not that you're meant to taste it or anything but didnt realise how many times I bite my lips. 

My favourite this month has got to be the flapjacks, if someone were to give me these I'd be a very happy bunny. If you're dubious whether to subscribe this box then I'd say go for it, you dont have to be vegan to enjoy the box either as I subscribed before I was officially vegan. It gets me to try products that i never would of before. I can't wait to see next months box and eat more yummy food.
Anything you'd love to try?


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