Finally Found A Deodorant That Works! | Cruelty Free & Vegan | Review

Ever since my cruelty free en devour I've been on a quest to find a deodorant that works for me. I wouldn't say I'm a particular sweaty person but with really bad temperature regulation on my body's end and I can perspire when I'm cold and I can be really cold when its hot, makes sense doesn't it. I was cruelty free a few years before I finally made the switch to being vegan so I've been looking for a deodorant that doesn't leave me a sweaty, smelly mess for roughly 4/5 years. The only thing that worked for me was Michtum which is now understood to actually not be cruelty free at all. A lot of people in the cruelty free and vegan community used it too so we all used it thinking it was ok.

I've used all sorts of deodorant from a few brands of crystals, balms, sprays, as well as 'normal' deodorants. Ranging from all sorts of brand and prices like Lush's Aromaco, salt of the earth crystal,Jason, Dr Organic roll on, Sukin spray and even the Native Unearthed crystal. I must of spent way over £100 on products that made me smell like I haven't bathed in a month. Then I got a Native Unearthed balm sample in a recent Vegan Kind box and I finally, after four years, got a deodorant that works for me.

I automatically thought that this wouldn't work for me, mainly on my past experience with other brands and my pre judgement of 'natural' brands being a bit rubbish and not working. These are probably the most striped back deodorants I've come across, not as much of the crystals as there only one ingredient but there is nothing in the ingredients list that I could not pronounce or haven't heard of. All the three scents they offer have a basis of 4 ingredients with extras, like essential oils, to give them a scent.

My sample in The Vegan Kind Box was the smaller activated charcoal balm. After a month of using it I'm sure that the darker pigmentation on my underarms have faded a considerable amount and there is no longer any irritation/redness. I repurchased the activated charcoal as it worked so well and wanted a cover if the vanilla one I purchased didn't work as well. I've been using the Vanilla for about a week now it definitely works, when I remember to actually put it on.

 For the price of £6 for each jar, recyclable/reusable jars, and only having to use two pea sized amount everyday I think its really good price. I don't know how long they last but the small sample I got lasted around a month and the bigger jars have around 4 to 5 time that amount. I have noticed that some people mentioned their armpits stinging/burning after trying the sample so you might so keep that in mind and not to use it straight after shaving as it did sting me a little.

 There are still other brands that I'd love to try like Hippy Pits and Earth Conscious but I'm content and happy to have finally found a deodorant that doesn't make me smell like a stereotypical hippy/vegan. A deodorant is a very specific thing for each person, we all have different bacteria and that why so many peoples holy grail products just don't work for other people. Have you got a favorite deodorant? I might make a roundup of deodorants so people can see what could work for them without all the research and money spent. I wasn't asked for write this review or anything, I'm honestly relieved to have found something that works. Hope you have a lovely day/night or when ever you're reading this.


Due to dyslexia some things may not make sense or are grammatically correct so please let me know if there are any problems so I can correct it. Thank You :)

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  1. This is one of my favourite natural deodorants too. I have only tried their activated charcoal one so far but once it has ran out I'll be buying more.

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