My Skins A Mess | 30 Day 'Transform your skin' Challenge w/ PHB Ethical Beauty

*Dermatillomania & small mentions of scars

I'm not going to lie, my skin has been awful recently. It's been really dull and tired looking, as well as suddenly developing an oil t-zone (whats that about?!). So when PHB contacted me asking if I'd like to try their 30 day challenge to 'transform your skin' I was like hey why not, plus I was doing a little dance in my head as they're an amazing company and they chose little old me to try it.
I share a lot of beliefs with PBH which makes my heart happy. They're family run, ethical, made in the UK, free of harsh ingredients and of course vegan and cruelty free. Plus like all my favorite ethical companies they donate money to charity and not a measly amount like a lot of big corporate owned companies do but 20% of all profits. 

Now lets dive deeper into what my skin is like. My skin is tired (much like I am)  and also pale and gray. Not the type of pale where I should just get out in the sun or slap some fake tan on but I actually look ill, which I am; but that's another thing. I've got quite bad dark circles, obviously not helped by the whole chronic illness thing and the fact it is genetic, but I've found they look so much better with a good moisturiser. The next big thing is spots, everyone has them, especially when it's around period time. Now on to my biggest issue, skin picking. I didn't even know it has a proper name to it until Kiera Rose (go follow her she's amazing) mentioned it in a video. Dermatillomania. I've obsessively picked my skin ever since I remember, I've got plenty of young school pictures with scabs and marks on my face. I'm kinda proud that I'm so much better then I was but I still have redness, scarring, and broken capillaries. Now I know that these products aren't going to magically fix my dermatilamania but as I've been trying to get that under control, fixing the damage I've done would be great. 

My current skincare routine actually works quite well for me but there one big flaw, I'm not consistent. It's not because I'm lazy , OK maybe a tiny tiny little bit ...... but it mainly falls down to health, mental and physical. Quite frequently I find myself in a position where I'm unable to get out of my pyjamas for days at a time and stuck mainly in bed. A good skincare routine feels so refreshing and revitalising. I've been upping my game recently and trying to keep up with good self care and it does feel amazing. With this challenge I'm going to keep at it and see how many days I can do and hopefully transfer it into my everyday life. 

 I chose the products mainly on the ingredients, things that I know that work for my skin and ingredients that are promised to improve my problem areas. I wanted things that brightened and plumped my skin as well as to help clear my skin of spots and ease the appearance of scars.

I chose two from the brightening range, Ylang Ylang & Papaya Cleanser* and the White Birch and Frankincense serum*. The Cleanser is said to remove impurities whilst boosting cell renewal for a clear, bright and even complexion. While the serum improves the appearance to pigmentation. The white birch stimulates the skins collagen to promote a radiant complexion.
I picked a moisturiser from the hydrating range which has Frankincense & Sandalwood*. I've chosen two products with frankincense as I've tried a moisteriser with it in and my skin loved it, but I never got a chance to repurchase another one, well I totally forgot but still. The last product is actually a makeup product, a Pressed Mineral Foundation*, I chose the fair shade which is the second lightest product they have out of the seven. I'll give it a try out and see how it works for my skin. 

I've actually put off taking a picture of my bare skin for a few months now as well as having a bad skin reaction to a new vitamin I tried, being in hospital, going to France and leaving my camera at my boyfriends. These were mainly all excuses to put it off, apart from the hospital one, I didn't get a choice in that one obviously.

So this is my bare face in all its tired glory. I have taken a few to compare at different angles and lights. It was quite sunny when I went to take these photos and in good light I had the skin of an angel so I hid away behind a some plants to get a photo that actually looked like my skin. I've got to admit that even after editing to make it more realistic I still don't feel like it has shown my skin fully but nobody wants a super close up picture of my face to be honest. Anyway, I'll be back in a week to show off my bare face to you all again and find out my first impression thoughts.

Devon x

*These products were sent to me by PHB ethical beauty in exchange for taking part and promoting 'the 30 day challenge'. All reviews and thoughts are my own and I will remain transparent throughout this and future posts in relation to 'the 30 day challenge'.

Due to dyslexia some things may not make sense and/or are not grammatically correct so please let me know if there are any problems so I can correct it. Thank You :)

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