10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me| My Biggest Achievements, Passions & Stubbornness.

I've got to admit I'm not the most open of books, it's often a downfall meeting new people or trying to make new acquaintances. I'm trying to break the habit and try and open up some more. This post is a bit of a cop-out as I'm not actually talking to you directly but I thought you can get to know me a little better and we can start from there.

|Multi-Coloured Hair| The only colour my hair hasn't been is black I think. There was that one time I did a home bleach job on my dyed brown hair and it went bright yellow so I'm not that sure if it counts as yellow so you can decide. I really don't feel like my true self without coloured hair. I find it very empowering and confidence boosting so having nice hair is a must in my book. My most recent colour is something I did last week and as you can see in the photo is purple and pink and I've now fallen in absolute love with it. I don't know which colour I'll choose next but I'm very content and happy with it at the moment but you'll have to keep a look out and see what happens in the future.

|Studies| I studied Horticulture at college and uni to become a garden designer but had to drop out of Uni due to my health. I absolutely loved it and thought I was pretty good at it. I'm not sure if I'll go back to it at the moment but I'm taking every day as it comes with my health and I am enjoying spending my time working on my blog.

|Metal and Screws| I've been on crutches for 8 ish years and I've had quite a few operations on my feet, my last two were the ones that finally worked ish as they did a triple arthrodesis so both my feet are full of screws and plates, big thanks to my EDS on that part. You can see more on my Chronic illnesses here and I would have written a section on them but I feel I'm pretty open about it already.

|My Loves| I absolutely love being creative, recently my energy is going into photography, mainly nature, architecture and blog photography at the moment but I also love drawing, painting, metalwork, woodwork and pretty much everything, although I'm crap at welding, I only tried it once but if I can't do something straight away I tend to move on very quickly from it.

|I'm Not Stubborn?!| I'm incredibly stubborn, once I get something in my head I will do everything in my power to do it. I won two awards for excelling through adversity at school and college. I was one out of 6 to win an award in my whole county at school basically I was being too stubborn and wanted to show I could still succeed even with the diversity's I faced. This was also to my despise though as this never stopping mentality ultimately landed me becoming ill and later developing M.E. Although I've sort of learnt to listen to my body and when to stop, I'm still a stubborn ass that will still at least try to get to where I want if my mind is set on it.

|Tattoos| I have 6 tattoos, my first being three black and white roses that desperately need reworking and my latest and absolute favourite is a neo-trad portrait of my one of my previous cats called Leo. One thing Luke and I learnt quickly at the start are that it doesn't matter how many people recommend a place it doesn't make a tattooist any better but we've learnt a hell of a lot through our time getting tattoos. The second tattoo I got from them turned out OK but knowing what I know now I can think of better ways it could have been done. I would describe them all but I think a post dedicated to them with photos will do them more justice than what I could do trying to describe them. Look out for it soon!  I can't wait to get more, I'm thinking a bouquet of wildflowers next.

|Adopt Don't Shop|I currently have two rescue cats called Jack and Dougal and 5 rescue chickens called Luna, Woody, Ivy, Buttercup and Oscar. They all have such unique and amazing personalities they give me such comfort and make my heart happy. I would encourage anyone that has the ability to get an animal to adopt as they have so much love to give.

|Gaming| I'm a massive fan of gaming and watching others play games on Youtube and Twitch. Two of my favourite gamers at the moment is James Turner's channels and Officalstuffplus. Some of my favourite games at the moment are The Sims 4, Prison Architect and Cities Skylines. Any simulation, strategy or casual type games and I'm on it. 

 |Dislikes| I hate washing up bowls, nail clippings, tacky lawn ornaments and plenty more. I'm not one to throw around the word hate, as hates a strong word but yes, I absolutely hate them. They're all gross and I actually had written a whole rant about washing up bowls but I had to cut it as it was as long as the whole post.

|Achievements| My biggest achievement is simple, who I am today. There were lots of events in my life that could of lead me astray but even through all this, I've grown into the person I'm proud of. I could easily just remember the bad things and yes, sometimes that's all I'm consumed by but in the end, I know I will find hope and acceptance of the way my life is again.

If you want to share then what are your biggest achievements or random hates?


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