On To My Next Chapter! My Mid-Year Bucket List

We've hit past the halfway mark of our time of 2018. I've had some rough goals of things id love to do since the beginning of the year but as it always goes life got in the way. Funny thing is I have already written and completed this blog post but I had to come back in and edit it and my life's completely different even from a few weeks ago *hello single life*. It's time for a new chapter and a fresh motivated one I hope. I thought I'd map out the goals that I've roughly wanted to achieve as it's never too late to start something you've wanted to do.

    Try out calligraphy

I've been interested in calligraphy for a few years now, I have tried it out when I was a young teen but as I didn't know the proper techniques so I gave up after magically not being perfect at it, who else is like this? I've already bought myself a book not long ago so I just need to sit down and go through the book and get a lot of practice in, hopefully, I'll pick it up.

    Change my Anti-depressants 

My current medication, Amitriptyline, has been a miracle drug for me but a common side effect is an increase in heart rate and as someone with tachycardia we need to try everything to get that down to 'normal'. I'm switching back over to fluoxetine which is what I was on before. You have to wean yourself off slowly otherwise you can become very ill. I'm on the lowest dose they wanted me on so I can medically switch over, I just need to get a Dr's appointment to do so!

    Bedroom DIY

A bedroom should be tranquil, organised and a happy place but mine isn't due to the fact I've only decorated half of it. A few months back I was determined to get my room done a little bit at a time but life got in the way and the concentration got diverted to other things. It's weird because I absolutely love doing it, the gratification of seeing things all fresh and clean is amazing and knowing that I did that with my own bare hands brings me joy.  I've roughly planned to get my paintbrush back out again next week so fingers crossed that happens!

    Graphic Design 

Something else that has always intrigued me is graphic design, I absolutely love seeing other peoples work on Instagram but I have zero idea how to do it, I've been thinking about whether I should do a short course at my local uni or try and learn by myself? I've looked into it and there a course starting in October but then, on the other hand, there is the wonderful world of the internet and youtube. I think I should just go for the course, what do you think? *UPDATE* I've booked a short course at my local university! Perfect excuse to buy loads of stationary, right?

    Yoga and My Daily Routine.

There is nothing better than starting your day off with yoga, it wakes me up and leaves me feeling calm and motivated for the day. I've followed along with Yoga With Adriene, who I absolutely love, she's accepting of peoples limitations and suggests alternative potions and best of all concentrates on breathing and mindfulness. I'm trying to work out a daily routine that works that allows me to be productive but accepting of my health limitations. At the moment I'm testing the waters and it seems to be working. I get to do blog work, do housework, self-care and more importantly include things I enjoy and resting time. 

     Do Something For Myself, By Myself.

Ever since I was a child I've been dependent on needing someone with me to do things, seems normal for a child right? This continued into my teenage years as I wasn't safe, this obviously came with major anxiety and I couldn't go out alone. As I got into my 20's the anxiety/cause became less of an issue and M.E (old post about M.E Here) came on to the scene. My cognitive function declined rapidly and left me unable to comprehend pretty much anything so again I needed a 'carer' with me to escort and communicate for me. Over the 7 years I've had it, other then a few relapses, my cognitive ability has improved so I feel like I could do somethings independently as long as I factor in a lot of rest while I'm doing it. There are a few things on my list so keep an eye out!

Have you got any Mid Year Goals or things you'd like to do? I'd love for you to share. I hope you're having a beautiful day.


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