Self-Improvement, Name Changes and Acceptance.

This year has been the year where I have been determined to work hard on myself and to make myself a better person and it's so nice to say that its working and even family, that I see a few times a year, have said what a change I am to be around. I still have bad days but I've forced myself to become more confident and outspoken, smashing fears that have severely affected my life before. There's still a lot to go and I will never stop forcing myself to become a better person just as everyone should. I'm in such a different place from when I last posted on here so it feels right to change the blog up to.

We've has had many name changes on this blog, especially at the beginning, trying to find something that really fits me and the content I wish to create. I fell in love with The Vegan Mermaid and it will always have a special place in my heart but as I've had time off my priorities have shifted. Yes, of course, I'm still vegan but as my attitudes towards food has altered. I no longer wish to rush out and get new products like I used to and go to all the places with new vegan food available. It's mostly due to my gastro disorders I think that food has become a necessity rather than joy and hopefully I'll get that back soon. I want this blog to be my online space where I share all the things I'm loving and not to just become 'that vegan girl' because I just happen to be vegan and there is so much more to me.

I've been thinking for the past year of names and to be honest when I'm writing this I still haven't made the final decision on what to name it. Writing this has made me evaluate what this place should be for me and I'm looking forward to getting back to it again with the passion I had before and not feel like I'm confined to a box that my name trapped me in. My health or lack of it hugely controls how productive I am in many parts of my life and I absolutely hate that seem to pop in and out of blogging, just like any of my other hobbies. Its something out of my control and I really need to learn how to accept that. Self-improvement takes time.

I hope that you can be by my side during these changes and can come back better than ever.

Devon x

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