Current Skincare Favorites. Cruelty Free & Vegan

It's been a while since I have shared with you some of my current beauty favourites, mainly because I still use some of the products I shared in my last post, Skincare Favourites, all the way back in 2015! 

Two things I still use are the B. revealed Glycolic Peel Face Wash and the Superdrug Glycolic Peel Overnight Mask. As these are acid-based I don't use these all the time as you don't want to damage the skin but as you can tell from my continued use is that I still love them. They leave me feeling fresh-faced and ready for the day, although you do need SPF if you're going outside.

Let's start with the product that I've bought over and over again, B. Pure Micellar Water, it's perfect for taking off your makeup quickly or just refreshing your face and leaves your face feeling clean with no residue. I used to use this with the 100% cotton pads from Superdrug but I wasn't happy with the waste this was producing so ordered some Organic Bamboo Remover Pads. I was put off buying them as I thought I end up losing them all and having to buy them over and over but so far they have all returned back to the bag once they've been washed. They wash up like new, no staining or shrinkage after a few months use so if your thinking about getting some I'd definitely go for it. These two are a pair that I see myself using for quite some time to come.

Another newish product I've absolutely fallen in love with is my first product by derma e which is the Derma e Scar Gel, I had a bout of hormonal acne under my chin leaving me with really dark scars and within a week of use, the colouration has majorly reduced. I'm going to continue using it longer term and see what comes from that. I've only used it on newish scars so it will be interesting to see what it does to older ones, have any of you tried this?

A product I received in The Vegan Kind Beauty Box was the Bao Skincare Avocado Orange Face Polish which smells absolutely amazing and leaves the skin feeling so soft, smooth and moisturised. The exfoliant is bamboo and the the porduct is full of oils like orange oil, rosehip and bergamot. This isn't sold anymore but they've replaced it with the Radiance Face Scrub, which they claim to be so much better. 

The Loofco Bath Time Loofah is also a product I received in a vegan kind box and loved it so much I've just repurchased one at the Dash Vegans Shop (after getting brunch in the cafe below the shop). My skin has never felt so soft after using this and has helped clear up a lot of the Keratosis pilaris I have on my arms. This is going to be a product that I feel I'm going to repurchase plenty of times. 

These are my current favourites and I look forward to what other products I get to discover. Anything that you're loving at the moment?


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