My Mid-Year Bucket List- Did I Succeed or Fail?

You often get to see the internet filled with resolutions and buckets lists especially around new years but how often do we see if the person stuck through it and achieved any of them? I'm here today to see how I actually did from my On To My Next Chapter! My Mid-Year Bucket List post I made last October. Will I walk away from this post proud or will I need to get on with a few things.

What were the things I wanted to do?

Try Caligraphy

I bought the book and the pens, tried to do it in every spare time for a week while on holiday but when I returned home it has stayed on my bookshelf. Technically I've done it right? if only for a week. I found it really peaceful to try although that could have been that fact I was sat in front of a lake in France.  I should pick it up again, maybe try it digitally but the book is definitely going to come out again.

Change my anti-depressants

Successful! It was tough but not as hard as I thought it would be, fluoxetine is doing me well, although I'm currently going through a rough patch I'm hopeful to get out of it soon and back to my happy self.

Bedroom DIY

Well, I did help decorate a bedroom, just not mine but my mum's bedroom looks amazing! There has been slow progress on mine, only the other day I got 3 more bags to donate and I'm sure there are plenty more bags, I'm honestly not sure where it all comes from, to be honest. While my brothers away in France I will probably ask him if I can dump some stuff in his room to make room to decorate my room. I deserve this nice space!

Graphic design

I wanted to tip my toes into learning a bit of graphic design and I went on a short course at my local university to learn some of it. I really enjoyed it, could I learned it at home, probably yes. have I used any of the things I've learnt, probably not as much as I should of but this is something I'm interested in pursuing more.

Do something for myself, by myself

Now if you've read my other two previous posts then you know this is something I've been working on very hard, so have I completed this, hell yes I have. The next thing on my list is to go eat at Wagamama by myself, as I think if my family ate any more they may explode, I'm slightly addicted to the ramen. I also want to go away for the weekend alone, just need to figure out where, maybe Brighton?

I'm pretty proud of the things I've achieved on my list, yes I need to work on the calligraphy and my bedroom but these are things that are happening and not what I forgot about a week after writing this post. I think I'm due to write another list of things I want to do, what would be on your list?


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