Dear Diary #2 |The Struggle Of A New Decade With Chronic Illnesses

I started out this year quite apprehensive, life takes its many turns and some of us get to try and enjoy it with extras like mental and chronic illnesses. A month has gone by and I'm feeling more optimistic towards my accomplishments. Yes, my life hadn't turned out like I wanted, like at all, but accepting that its never going to be that way and even people who haven't got health issues putting up a fight against their every move have this issue too. Our paths haven't been written for us to follow there to be written and don't have to be set in stone.

I'm not going to hide the fact that my mental health took a huge nose dive last year after it being stable for the past few years and it was hitting me hard over new years and making me feel like I hadn't accomplished anything over the past decade. Going on Twitter and seeing everyone's highlight reels sucked and drew me more into that thought but something caught my eye. Someone tweeted that it doesn't matter if you feel like you've achieved anything last year or decade, you're still here, you made it and that's the best and biggest accomplishment of all. That tiny spark of hope helped me to stop spiralling and gave me the inspiration to create the graphic above right there and then. Inspired by my love of gaming and with a sprinkle of nostalgia, this is what I created and it fits in with me wanting to learn more about creating graphics and start to dabble in some illustration.

My head may be above water as I type this but those other much more common days where I'm not, I just have to focus on one thing, things will get better and they will for you too. Let's all stick together and the sun will shine brighter again.

Much love,


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