Book Review | Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies


Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies

(Pies Before Guys Mystery #1)

Author: Misha Popp



What would you do if you were being blackmailed about your deadly secret? This is exactly what's happening with Daisy Ellery which leads her to question the whole ethics of her magic, for all she does is put the change the world needs into her pies and the pie does the rest. Daisy is someone that's never really been interested in romantic relationships until a purple-haired girl and the farm boy catch her eyes, but is everything as it seems?

You must be warned this is not the cosy mystery you'd expect, it gets pretty dark with lots of mentions of domestic violence and accompanying issues, which is cutesy up with pretty dresses and baking. It is also very important to pay attention to the fact that 


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